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    Lois Lane (Earth-Prime)

    For the Pre-Crisis character, see Lois Lane (Earth-38: Pre-Crisis).

    Connect every dot, piece it all together, and if we've done our job right, the answer will present itself.
    — Lois Lane[src]

    Lois Lane is an award-winning reporter and a well-known journalist. She is also the wife of Clark Kent and the mother of Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent.

    Biography[edit source]

    Meeting Clark Kent[edit source]

    At some point, Lois started working at the Daily Planet and became an expert reporter, forming a network of informants.[1]

    In 2004, Lois was introduced to Clark Kent, who was newly hired by Perry White. Lois questioned who told Clark to wear a tie and told him to ignore Lombard, leading him to the bullpen. Lois and Clark then witnessed Ron Troupe announcing how he was going to win a Pulitzer with a report on Superman. Lois told Clark about how the "Miracle Man" took over the front page news, leaving no one noticing the news on a arsonist with an "SS" symbol. Clark volunteered to work with Lois on the report for the rest of the year while Lois gathered information from her informants and the Metropolis Police Department.[1]

    Throughout the year, they fell in love with each other as they worked side-by-side. Lois soon confronted Henry Miller and was attacked. A vigilante quickly arrived and rescued her from the flamethrower, with him saving the civilians as Lois defeated Miller, naming the individual, "Superman". Days later, Superman volunteered for his first television interview with Lois. Lois later talked to Janet, the producer, regarding Superman feelings towards her. However, it was overheard by him and Lois told him about how she has feelings for Clark, not knowing Superman is in fact, Clark Kent.[1]

    Knowing the Truth[edit source]

    Clark eventually told her about his Kryptonian heritage[2] while visiting Martha Kent, who liked Lois and asked Clark about why he took a long time before bringing Lois to Smallville.[1] During their relationship, Clark listened in on a conversation Lois was having using his super hearing, and she caught him. This led to her almost leaving him, with Clark spending two weeks' salary on flowers just to get her to talk to him again while also making her a promise to never do it again.[3]

    Clark Proposing

    Clark later proposed to Lois outside the Fortress of Solitude, with her nodding her head in approval and the pair then flew into the sky while kissing. They soon after got married in a ceremony, that was attended by Martha Kent and Sam Lane, before making out in Jonathan's old truck with a "Just Married" sign attached to the bumper.[2]

    They then moved into their own apartment and soon after discovered that Lois was pregnant with two twin boys, before travelling to the Kent Farm to show the ultrasound picture to Martha Kent.[2]

    Expecting Parents

    The twins were born in 2007[2] after 27 hours of labour,[4] and they decided to call them Jonathan and Jordan Kent after Clark's biological and adoptive father respectively. Jonathan was easy to raise as he was always happy and smiling, although he did once shock them when playing outside after he threw a baseball at a tire on a rope which caused the rope to snap, suggesting he has inherited his father's superhuman strength. Jordan on the other hand, was more complicated as he was prone to throwing tantrums and having night terrors which was diagnosed as social anxiety disorder years later.[2]

    Problem in Metropolis[edit source]

    In 2020, Lois called Clark to return to Metropolis after something happened to their sons which Clark was surprised about as he was unaware he had two children because of the changes to the multiverse.[5]

    Moved to Smallville[edit source]

    After Clark saved a nuclear power plant meltdown, he returned to Metropolis with Lois telling him that he missed Jordan's doctor appointment and Jonathan being a starter in varsity football as a freshman.[2]

    The next day, Lois and Clark returned to work and was unaware about Morgan Edge's purchase of the Daily Planet. As they discussed their future, Clark received a call regarding his mother's stroke and left in superhuman speed. The family then went to Smallville for Martha's funeral with Sam Lane.[2]

    The residents of Smallville later wishing the Kent Family's condolences, with the Cushing family included. Lois then expressed her concerns on Morgan Edge's involvement in the development of Smallville. Kyle disagreed her opinion on Edge's method on bringing Smallville back to its glory days. Lois was then interrupted by the noise in the barn, realizing her children were in danger in attempt to fix the Wi-Fi signals. Lois and Clark scolded the twins for being irresponsible and told them to go to sleep.[2]

    Clark reveals his identity

    When Lois and Clark talked to Lana about selling the house, they disapproved of Martha's will and returned home, only to find the twins trying to know the truth about their survival. Clark took off his glasses and gave them to Lois, lifting a truck and revealing his identity as Superman to the twins. The twins then stormed away, with Jordan accusing Clark's Kryptonian genes being the source of his social anxiety.[2]

    The Edge of Humanity[edit source]

    Something sinister is going on here, you might not find out what it is until it's too late.
    — Lois to Lana[src]

    Town Meeting[edit source]

    Clark and Lois moving to Smallville

    Now moved to the Kent House, Lois started investigating Morgan Edge on his involvements in other towns and his hidden agenda on Smallville. She later noticed a mysterious woman looking at her at the diner.[6]

    At the town meeting, Lois stood up and challenged Edge's promise to bring job opportunities as well as revenue to Smallville using her research on him. Edge altered the facts and attempted to make herself more reputable, with Lois later writing an article about him at the Planet.[6]

    The Kent family later went to the Cushing Residence and attended the barbecue. Lois argued with Kyle once more regarding Edge. Lois then went back to work, realizing her article was rewritten by Edge. Lois confronted him and quit the Daily Planet, joining Chrissy's offer of hiring her to The Smallville Gazette.[6]

    Missing Cases[edit source]

    Lois and her family started repainting the house and played around after Lois painted Jonathan's shirt. However, they were interrupted by Clark's sudden leave to rescue people in Guizhou.[3]

    Lois and Chrissy were later approached by Sharon Powell, whose son has been missing for days after being employed by Morgan Edge. Lois' car was soon destroyed by Subjekt-11 while Kyle arrived to put out the fire. Lois suspected it was Edge's doing and went to New Carthage, the home of the Powells, in order to investigate more about Derek Powell's disappearance.[3]

    However, Lois was confronted by Subjekt-11, who possessed Kryptonian powers. Lois found Sharon unconscious next to a sink and contacted Superman using an ELT. Superman arrived and told Lois to bring Sharon to a hospital as he fought against him. Eventually, the Subjekt was defeated and Lois started to have more and more suspicion on Edge's actions.[3]

    Confronting Edge[edit source]

    Lois confronts Morgan Edge

    During the football game, Lois and Chrissy saw Edge present at the audience stand. Lois then accusing Edge of being there for popularity while Sam sits down next to Lois as he noticed Jordan's sudden growth in strength. Sam questioned Jordan's powers emerging and playing on the field being a conflict. Lois, Sam and Clark argued against each other on Jordan's powers as well as Superman's recent lack of action causing the Intergang's rise in Metropolis.[7]

    Later, Lois asked Clark to talk for her at the town meeting and try to alert the residents of Edge's hidden agenda. Lois then went to the mines and confronted Edge, asking each other about their intentions on going to Smallville. Afterwards, Lois expressed her disappointment on Clark not being at the town meeting, allowing Edge to exploit Smallville further.[7]

    Marcus Bridgewater[edit source]

    Clark and Lois on the bench

    During the Harvest Fest, the Kent Family worked to prepare the required crops for the festival. Lois told the twins about Clark talking about the Harvest Fest since they have been dating.[4]

    Lois returned to work and was informed about Sharon Powell returning with her son, assuring them that he was safe. Lois attempted to warn Sharon about her safety after being nearly assassinated a few weeks ago. Sharon told Lois to write about Derek's return instead of the assassination, and left the office. Hours later, Lois was informed about the fire at the Smallville Community Center and interviewed Kyle, knowing about the Powells being at the scene.[4]

    As Lois went to the diner, she was approached by Marcus Bridgewater, a reporter at the Reuters. Marcus expressed his interest in the investigation and his suspicions on Edge after reading the redacted article published by the Daily Planet. Marcus offered a method to enter the mines and they agreed to call each other if they wanted more on the investigation.[4]

    Lois later attended the Harvest Fest and found Jonathan drunk. He sent Jordan to bring themselves home with rideshare and received a call from Chrissy. Chrissy told Lois about Derek kissing Leslie Larr and Lois sent Clark to investigate the unknown machine Chrissy saw.[4]

    The next day, Lois and Clark attended the opening of the bench dedicated to Martha Kent, with the couple sitting on the bench enjoying the view of Smallville, not knowing that "Marcus" was spying on them.[4]

    Finding out the Truth[edit source]

    Attacked by Subjekts[edit source]

    Bringing Superman Back[edit source]

    Fail Safe[edit source]

    Attack on Metropolis[edit source]

    Battle of Smallville[edit source]

    Victory[edit source]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Journalism: Known as the most famous reporter on Earth, Lois has been an expert on reporting on social topics in Daily Planet.[2]
    • Connection: During her career as a reporter, Lois has made connections with countless individuals in different categories.[2]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    • ELT: Lois is given an ELT by her husband, Superman, in case of emergencies.

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Lois' favourite drink is trenté green tea with a splash of almond milk.[8]

    References[edit source]

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