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    Legends of Tomorrow (Earth-Prime)

    For the Pre-Crisis team, see Legends of Tomorrow (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis).

    It wouldn't be a true Legends mission unless something went wrong...or several things.

    The Legends of Tomorrow, commonly known as the Legends, is a time travelling vigilante team which protects the timeline.

    In the Loomworld, they were also briefly known as the God Killers due to their actions of killing Atropos.

    History[edit source]

    Year One: Recruitment[edit source]

    In 2015, Rip Hunter recruited several misfits vigilante in history to protect the timeline.[1]

    Year Two: Last Line of Defense[edit source]

    The Legends became the last line of defense of history and fought against criminals across the timeline. Later, the Legends encountered the Spear of the Destiny.

    Year Three: Totems of Zambesi[edit source]

    In 2017, the Legends started searching for the Totems of Zambesi and used them to form a giant Beebo, destroying Mallus and saving the timeline.

    Year Four: Board-Certified Superheroes[edit source]

    In 2018, the Legends worked under the Time Bureau's orders and maintained the timeline's structure. However, they were quickly encountered by Neron, a Demon from Hell with ties to Constantine. The Legends then worked with John Constantine as a reluctant member, only to let Ray Palmer being possessed by Neron. Luckily, the Legends created Heyworld and defeated Neron on national television.[2]

    Months later, the Time Bureau was shut down by the US Government, with the Legends working covertly and known to the world as a group of fictional superheroes created by Kevin Harris' Meet the Legends documentary.[2]

    Year Five: Meet Your Fates[edit source]

    During the process of rescuing Ray Palmer's soul from Hell, Constantine asked for Astra Logue's help, placing her as a powerful figure of Hell when Neron fell. Astra then summoned a group of damned souls across time and resurrected them, fighting the Legends. However, Astra was unaware of the manipulations of Lachesis and was betrayed by the Fates. The Legends then fought against the Encores and the Fates, freeing people from being controlled by the Loom of Fate by destroying it once and for all.[3]

    Year Six: Search for Sara Lance[edit source]

    While celebrating for their successful battle against the Fates, Sara Lance was kidnapped by aliens. The Legends then searched for her but found aliens being scattered across time, knowing it was Sara's doing. Mick then worked with Kayla and travelled to Pliny X-19, fighting Bishop and bringing Sara home.[4] With Sara back on the team, the Legends once more searched for Pod Aliens.

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