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    Jonathan Kent (Earth-Prime)

    For the Pre-Crisis character, see Jonathan Kent (Earth-38: Pre-Crisis).

    Someone's gotta watch out for you.
    — Jonathan to his brother[src]

    Jonathan "Jon" Kent is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the brother of Jordan Kent.

    Biography[edit source]

    Early Life[edit source]

    Jordan was born to Clark Kent and Lois Lane in 2007 along with his twin brother, Jordan. Jonathan was named after his grandfather, Jonathan Kent.[1]

    Jonathan grew up with his brother and was shown to have athletic potential.[1]

    In one summer, Jonathan and Jordan went to Smallville and played with Sarah Cushing.[1]

    Life in Metropolis[edit source]

    At some point prior to 2020, Jonathan became the quarterback of his football team and dated Eliza.[1] After moving to Smallville, Eliza broke up with Jonathan and started dating Jimmy Cutter.[3]

    In 2020, Lois Lane called Clark Kent to inform him that he was needed in Metropolis to deal with an issue regarding their sons.[4]

    Jonathan talking to Eliza

    In late 2020, Jonathan was talking to Eliza on video call and was interrupted by his father, who was informed by Lois about Jonathan's success in the football team.[1]

    Moved to Smallville[edit source]

    When his grandmother died of stroke, the Kent family returned to Smallville and attended the funeral. Jonathan and Jordan later met Sarah once more, introducing themselves and talked about life in Smallville. When Sarah told them about the poor internet connection in the town, Jordan volunteered and Jonathan followed. As they were in the barn, Sarah asked for Jordan's phone number instead of Jonathan. Jordan then climbed to the router and fell, with Jonathan attempting to catch him and trapped under rubble. Luckily, Jordan's powers was activated and was able to shield Jonathan from the fall, with their father soon rescuing them.[1]

    Soon, Jonathan was treated by an EMT and returned to his room with his brother.[1]

    Jonathan and Jordan finding out the truth

    Later that night, Jordan suspected about their survival and was able to convince Jonathan to search for answers in the next morning. They then entered the wine cellar under the barn, only to find their father's pod from Krypton. The twins then stormed out demanding answers from their father. Clark then revealed his identity as Superman and made the twins leave in anger.[1]

    During the bonfire in Shuster Mines, Jordan kissed Sarah and angered her boyfriend. Jonathan then arrived and defended his brother, as well as fighting Sean and his friends. However, he was overwhelmed and was unable to fight back until Jordan's heat vision was activated, causing an explosion to stop the fight. Clark the returned to comfort the twins and decided to move to Smallville in order to help Jordan control his powers.[1]

    Jealousy[edit source]

    In order to protect people from Jordan's powers, Clark brought Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude and told Jonathan to go to school telling Jordan was feeling unwell after the explosion. In the school, Jonathan and Sarah talked about Jordan and later went to class together, with the latter telling the directions. Jonathan was then able to trial for the football team. However, he was sabotaged and humiliated by Sean and his friends, causing him to lose the team manual. Frustrated, Jonathan returned home and argued with his brother as to why Jordan is special while he is not. Lois returned home and told Jonathan to calm down, and brought the twins to the Cushing barbecue where Jonathan and Jordan talked to Sarah once more. Later that night, Jonathan talked to Eliza on video call and reconciled with his brother.[5]

    Returning home, Kal-El called the kids to the dining room and gave Jonathan an ELT in case of an emergency while mentioning that their mother is going to quit the Daily Planet.[5]

    Jordan and Football[edit source]

    Jonathan watching Jordan vs. Sean

    The next morning, Jonathan participated in painting the house and witnessed his father leaving as Superman. Jonathan and Jordan then returned to school, only to have Sean teasing and bullying Jordan. Jonathan attempted to defend his brother and was later assisted by his father. Jonathan later took part in football practice and was informed that Jordan is trialing for it by Tag. Surprisingly, Jordan was able to perform successfully and got the place on the team. Jonathan later convinced Jordan to stop as he has powers on the field with the latter insisting. Jonathan then got angry and asked him why he joined the team as he hates sports. Jonathan and Jordan then went to the diner with Sarah until Lana arrived and yelled at Sarah. Jonathan was able to tell Clark about the situation and told him about Jordan joining the football team, with him disapproving. However, Jonathan realized how joining the team allowed Jordan to feel happy and overcome his social anxiety disorder. He then convinced Clark to allow Jordan to join, with a condition of Jordan not using his powers.[6]

    Jonathan in Corey Residence

    With his brother dominating on the field, Jonathan was benched during Jordan's first game and Clark was able to see the disappointment on his face. Jonathan later went to the diner for the team celebration and talked to Tag Harris who was injured during the bonfire accident and was unable to play in the game. During the team briefing, Tag was scolded by the coach and left the room, with Jonathan following him and seeing him coming out of the stall without his arm cast. Jonathan, Jordan and Sarah later attended Corey Wellnitz's party and noticed Tag being weird, with the latter convincing Jonathan he was fine. The next day, Sam talked to the twins and told them that Clark has a double life, meaning sometimes he cannot be their father and Superman at the same time, telling them to consider when to ask for his help. Due to the speech, Jonathan and Jordan did not call for their father's help when Tag started to suffer tremendous pain from his vibrating powers. Jordan was slightly injured in an attempt to calm Tag and was later rescued by their father. Later that night, the Kent family and Sam talked about the reason the twins did not call Clark, with the twins telling their parents it was Sam's speech.[7]

    Smallville Harvest Festival[edit source]

    On the day of the Harvest Fest, Eliza broke up with Jonathan and left him in frustration. Jonathan and Jordan then returned home, with the latter telling their parents about the break up. Clark then talked to Jonathan with him proposing to leave Smallville along, Clark disapproved and Jonathan left in anger to the Harvest Fest. Jordan then quickly followed and witnessed Jonathan taking alcohol from Timmy and Wellnitz. As Jordan goes out on a date with Sarah, Jonathan interrupted and drunk, humiliating himself and causing Sarah to scold them. Jonathan later apologized to Jordan for ruining his date and was blamed by his parents due to drinking, sending the twins home through shareride. Later that day, Clark and Lois forgave Jonathan for the first time and gifted a box to him, formerly conatining the Sunstone Crystal, in order to remind him of how important family is.[8]

    Trust[edit source]

    Saving Superman[edit source]

    Holding the Wrench[edit source]

    Protecting His Family[edit source]

    Telling the Truth[edit source]

    Search for Superman[edit source]

    Skipping School[edit source]

    The Eradicator[edit source]

    Battle of Smallville[edit source]

    Victory[edit source]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Abilities[edit source]

    Jonathan with a Solar Blaster
    • Peak of Human Physical Condition: Jonathan is very athletic and playing football in high school with the role of quarterback.[1]
    • Marksmanship: Jonathan was able to accurately shoot two Kryptonian-possessed Metahumans using Solar Weapons of John Henry Irons.[9]
    • Skilled Engineer: After learning from John Henry Irons, Jonathan became a skilled engineer and was able to assist him in repairing and upgrading his gadgets.[10]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    • Solar Weapons: During his search on John Irons' RV, Jonathan stole several Solar Weapons from the armory and hid it in the Kent Barn.[11] When Jonathan and Lois were attacked by Subjekts, Jonathan took the blasters out and defeated them.[9]
    • Sonic Blaster: In order to protect Lois from potential danger, Jonathan was given a Sonic Blaster by the DOD.[2]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Jonathan sports the number 12 in the Smallville Crows.
    • Jonathan's locker number is 144.[8]
    • Jonathan was nicknamed QB 2 by his teammates in the Smallville Crows.

    Gallery[edit source]

    Promotional Images[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Jonathan Kent
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