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Harrison Nash Wells (UE-12)

For other uses of Harrison Wells, see Harrison Wells.

The price is everything!
— Nash Wells
(Source: "The Exorcism of Nash Wells"

Harrison Nash Wells is an adventurer and a member of Team Flash.[1]


Early life[edit]

At some point, Nash travelled to Earth-26 but it was invaded by psychic Starfish, and he had to use a neural splicer in order to stop the invasion.[2]

At some point in 2012, Nash went to Earth-719 in order to find a rock with valuables crystals in it. When returning to his camp, he found a girl who took some of his food after disabling his security drone. The girl introduced herself as Maya and revealed that the rock had a treasure in it. When Nash told her that if her parent ask where the hat came from, she should respond that she earned it. The girl then revealed that she doesn't have any parent anymore. Nash then decided to adopt her.[2]

At some point, Nash encountered the Council of Wells but despite their great intelligence, he considered them as idiot.[1]

At some point in early 2019, Nash and Maya travelled to Earth-13 to retrieve an emitter inside a mountain. This operation was a disaster since Maya felt and died.[2]

Tracking the Monitor[edit]

In 2019, Nash traveled to Earth-1 in search of Eternium. He broke into McCulloch Tech in search of it. The next day, Nash continued to track eternium, when he was found by Cisco Ramon and Iris West-Allen. He appeared and pinned Cisco to the wall when he tried to introduce himself. Nash asked why they were following him and pulled out a ruby that could give its victims nightmares. When his gauntlet detected eternium around Iris, he approached her, but she tasered him and they brought him to The Central City Citizen office. When he woke up the two of them tried to befriend him, but he refused and revealed that he win in search of eternium before escaping. Later, in the ally where he met Cisco and Iris, he opened a manhole where eternium is detected.[1]

The next week, Nash has bugged Cisco with to get information such as the Flash's identity. After hearing their conversation about saving Ramsey Rosso life with a cure at S.T.A.R. Labs. Nash appeared a made a deal with Them to "find" a cure for Rosso's life in exchange for an "Anti-vibrational crypto-circuit". Nash led them to McCulloch Tech and inform them about a bio-regenerative that McCulloch Tech stole from the dominators during and "Invasion" years ago. After they broke in, Nash knocked out two guard that almost caught them and led them to the lab. They then investigate the lab, but he and Barry went to investigate a noise and when they come back Cisco inform them that regenerative is not there, and they all escape with a smoke bomb. After being threatened by Cisco, Nash left and went back to the sewers where the crypto circuit projected a hologram of Mar Novu going through a wall. Believing to have found him, Nash started to dig.[3]

Days later after digging a bit he was interrupted by Joe West who wanted to question his intention but Nash refused and after a brief fight his gauntlet caused an explosion that cause a cave-in, and they were both trapped. Nash had an argument with Joe about his optimistic but because he was furious, Nash shot the debris but cause a gas line which briefly started a fire burning 87% of the oxygen giving them approximately 42 minutes to live. When trying to cause an explosion, Joe revealed that the reason why he has faith in people was because he has known that his son would die in a Crisis. When Nash was about to trigger his gauntlet, the Elongated Man saved them at the last minute. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, he still didn't tell them why he was digging but after they told him that they could help, Nash revealed to see him tomorrow morning because he knows how to save Barry from his fate.[4]

The next morning, he explained to Team Flash that the cause of all their problem is actually the Monitor because he thinks he is a false god, and he would kill him to prove it. Barry tried to run toward the wall he was digging only to realize that it was protected by eternium which is why he need a device that could emit ultraviolet to cause a breach. Later, he went to the Central City Citizen to find the device he detected with his gauntlet only to find Maya's doppelgänger Allegra Garcia and he discovered that she was a meta that can emit ultraviolet according to his gauntlet. Allegra agreed to help him with an explenation about the Multiverse and doppelgängers. In the sewers, Allegra learned during their discussion that her boss' husband is actually the Flash but when she tried to use her power to break the wall, she failed. Later, Nash would encourage her to try again and revealed that he figured out that she didn't use her power because she feared that she could become like her cousin. Allegra then tried again and succeeds, giving Nash enough time to take a picture of the code. Nash would return to The Central City Citizen with Allegra. After Allegra went to sleep on the couch, Nash contemplated her on last time as a reminder of his daughter.[5]

Releasing the Anti-Monitor and becoming a Pariah[edit]

Nash becoming Pariah

On December 9, Nash eventually manage to break the wall of what he believed to be the base of the Monitor.[6]

As Nash was about to enter, a voice called out to him, believing that the voice was the one of Novu. Nash refused to obey a "false God", which angered the voice, that caused a small quake and demanded he bow down to him. After the lights went out, Nash was attacked by one of Bloodwork's "Blood Brothers". He used a device that emitted an ultrasound that forced the Blood Brother to leave. However, when the device stopped working, other Brothers appeared and attack him. Nash almost got infected when particle accelerator exploded with ultraviolet rays turned all of his attackers back to normal, saving him, but Nash believed it was Novu who had saved him. At 11:58 pm, Nash recounted that he'd traveled across the multiverse for many years to kill the Monitor, but was befuddled as to him saving his life from the Blood Brothers instead. The voice responded by telling him to submit and begin his life anew. He asked the voice to show him, but the voice told him the knowledge was already within him. As the symbols on the gateway glowed, Nash pushed them in a specific order, causing the gateway to open. A glowing light then came out of the gateway and sucked him inside, with the gateway shutting behind him turning him into a Pariah for starting the crisis.[7][8][9][10]

The Crisis[edit]

After the destruction of Earth-38 and the death of Oliver Queen, Pariah materialized in front of the heroes near the monitor at the bunker. He revealed his invovement with the escape of the Anti-Monitor. When Mar Novu told the heroes that Oliver wasn't meant to die like that, Pariah inform them that one thing is sure. Everything that ever lived is doomed.[11]

Later, Pariah appeared in the sewers in front of Cisco, Caitlin and Barry to tell them that the gateway is actually the place where mobius was confined. With Vibe's power, Cisco managed to reach the memories of Pariah's former life as Nash and obtained the code of the entrance. Once inside, Pariah inform them that the speedster trapped on the treadmill that powers the antimatter cannon is actually the Flash of Earth-90. Pariah then revealed that one of the test of the cannon caused the destruction of Earth-2. When Barry and Cisco found a way to safe the Flash, it triggered a failsafe that would obliterate the universe. Pariah got the time to summon Black Lightning before his Earth was destroyed in order to use his help to absorb the powers of the failsafe. Once the two flashes came up with a plan, the flash of Earth-90 took Barry's power in order to ran backwards on the treadmill and destroy the antimatter cannon. Pariah and the others then escape leaving the Flash to die. Back at the waveridder, he witnessed the reappearance of Harbinger who was corrupted by the Anti-Monitor. Mobius manage to defeat the heroes and took the remaining energy of Mar Novu to create an Antimatter wave that obliterate Earth-1. With the advice Novu gave him earlier, Pariah teleported the Paragons to the vanishing point in order to ensure the safety of the multiverse. When Mobius asked where he sent them, he smiled and answered that he wouldn't find them before the wave hit and kill them all.[12]

Powers and abilities[edit]

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(May 2020)


Current Equipment[edit]

Former Equipment[edit]


The Flash (2014) logo (ep-table).png
"Dead Man Running" Appears
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"There Will Be Blood" Appears
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"Kiss Kiss Breach Breach" Appears
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"License to Elongate" Appears
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"The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1" Appears
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"A Mad Tea-Party" Appears
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"The Wrath of Rama Khan" Appears
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"The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2" Appears
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"Purgatory" Appears
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"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One" Appears
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"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three" Appears
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"Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five" Appears
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"Marathon" Appears
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"A Girl Named Sue" Appears
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"Grodd Friended Me" Appears
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"Death of the Speed Force" Appears
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"The Exorcism of Nash Wells" Appears
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"So Long and Goodnight" Appears
The Flash (2014) logo (ep-table).png
"Liberation" Appears
The Flash (2014) logo (ep-table).png
"Pay the Piper" Appears
The Flash (2014) logo (ep-table).png
"Success Is Assured" Appears


  • Compared to common doppelgänger of Harrison Wells, he is a geologist instead of a scientist.
  • With him appearing in the crossover, he is the version of Wells that has appeared in the most show in the Arrowverse.
  • He is the third version of Harrison Wells to have a daughter.



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