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    Earth-Prime is one of the many universes in the New Multiverse. It's a fusion of various earths such as Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-38, and UE-6.

    History[edit source]

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    Creation[edit source]

    Earth-Prime was created when The Spectre and the Paragons recreated the Multiverse.

    Residents[edit source]

    See Characters from Earth-Prime.

    Locations[edit source]

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    Appearances[edit source]

    Season Five
    #1 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five" Appears
    #2 "Meet the Legends" Appears
    #3 "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me" Appears
    #4 "Slay Anything" Appears
    #5 "A Head of Her Time" Appears
    #6 "Mortal Khanbat" Appears
    #7 "Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac" Appears
    #8 "Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness" Appears
    #9 "Zari, Not Zari" Appears
    #10 "The Great British Fake Off" Appears
    #11 "Ship Broken" Appears
    #12 "Freaks and Greeks" Appears
    #13 "I Am Legends" Appears
    #14 "The One Where We're Trapped On TV" Appears
    #15 "Swan Thong" Appears

    Season Two
    #1 "Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?" Appears
    #2 "Prior Criminal History" Appears
    #3 "Bat Girl Magic!" Appears
    #4 "Fair Skin, Blue Eyes" Appears
    #5 "Gore on Canvas" Appears
    #6 "Do Not Resuscitate" Appears
    #7 "It's Best You Stop Digging" Appears
    #8 "Survived Much Worse" Appears
    #9 "Rule #1" Appears
    #10 "Time Off for Good Behavior" Appears
    #11 "Arrive Alive" Appears
    #12 "Initiate Self-Destruct" Appears
    #13 "I'll Give You a Clue" Appears
    #14 "And Justice For All" Appears
    #15 "Armed and Dangerous" Appears
    #16 "Rebirth" Appears
    #17 "Kane, Kate" Appears
    #18 "Power" Appears

    Season Seven
    #1 "All's Wells That Ends Wells" Appears
    #2 "The Speed of Thought" Appears
    #3 "Mother" Appears
    #4 "Central City Strong" Appears
    #5 "Fear Me" Appears
    #6 "The One With The Nineties" Appears
    #7 "Growing Pains" Appears
    #8 "The People v. Killer Frost" Appears
    #9 "Timeless" Appears
    #10 "Family Matters, Part 1" Appears
    #11 "Family Matters, Part 2" Appears
    #12 "Good-Bye Vibrations" Appears
    #13 "Masquerade" Appears
    #14 "Rayo de Luz" Appears
    #15 "Enemy at the Gates" Appears
    #16 "P.O.W." Appears
    #17 "Heart of the Matter, Part 1" Appears
    #18 "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" Appears

    Trivia[edit source]

    • Only one version of a person is allowed to exist due to an anomaly in the New Multiverse.

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    New Multiverse
    Earth-Prime Earth-2 Earth-9 Earth-12 Earth-19 Earth-21 Earth-96 Earth-666
    Original Multiverse
    Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-3 Earth-4 Earth-5 Earth-6 Earth-7 Earth-8 Earth-9 Earth-10 Earth-11 Earth-12 Earth-13 Earth-14 Earth-15 Earth-16 Earth-17 Earth-18 Earth-19 Earth-20 Earth-21 Earth-22 Earth-23 Earth-24 Earth-25 Earth-26 Earth-27 Earth-28 Earth-29 Earth-30 Earth-31 Earth-32 Earth-33 Earth-34 Earth-35 Earth-37 Earth-38 Earth-43 Earth-47 Earth-48 Earth-51 Earth-52 Earth-55 Earth-66 Earth-67 Earth-73 Earth-74 Earth-75 Earth-76 Earth-85 Earth-86 Earth-87 Earth-89 Earth-90 Earth-92 Earth-96 Earth-99 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-221 Earth-260 Earth-494 Earth-666 Earth-719 Earth-827 Earth-898 Earth-D Earth-F Earth-N52 Earth-P Earth-X
    Undesignated Universes
    DCEU UE-1 UE-2 UE-3 UE-4 UE-5 UE-6 UE-7 UE-8 UE-9 UE-10 UE-11 UE-12 UE-13 UE-14 UE-15 UE-16 UE-17 UE-18 UE-19 UE-20 UE-21 UE-22 UE-23 UE-24 UE-25
    Smallville Multiverse
    Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-9 Earth-13 Earth-37 Earth-Majestic Earth-Omega Earth-Apocalypsee
    Transmultiversal Multiverse
    Earth-∂ Earth-1A Earth-2A Earth-3A Earth-19A Earth-27A Earth-38A Earth-666A Earth-XA
    Afterlife Fifth Dimension Heaven Hell (Earth-1) Hell (Earth-666) Hell (Earth-Prime) Jacob Shaw's Alternate Reality Jennifer Pierce's Safe Space Juru Mallus's Realm Microverse Mindscape Mirrorverse Negative Speed Force Netherverse Nexus Pocket Dimensions Purgatory Red Jack's Extra-Dimensional Palace Speed Force Temporal Zone Totem Town TV Universe The Monitor's Realm Vanishing Point Worlds Between Worlds
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