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Article Naming

Characters, Locations and Objects

Every named character, location and object deserves a page and unnamed things deserve a page when they are important to the plot of a given episode or movie.

Every character, location and object page must have the respective universe they are from added at the end in parenthesis. If the page is for something on Earth-Prime then it should have (Earth-Prime) appended to the end of the tile, if it's for something from a pre-crisis universe then it should use the format of "NAME (Earth-X: Pre-Crisis)", if it's from a post-crisis universe then it should use the format of "NAME (Earth-X: Post-Crisis)", if it's from the DCEU then it should have (DCEU) at the end and if it's from an undesignated universe then it should use the format of "UE-X".

If a name is not revealed within an episode or movie then the credited name should be used. If no credited name is available then the title should be a relevant description of the character, location or object.

Full names for characters should be used with exceptions being made by admininstrators where the name would be too long or hard to type into the search bar. For example, Bartholomew Allen (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis) is instead Barry Allen (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis).

All page titles should use capital letters for the beginning of each word unless an episode or movie specifically spells it in lowercase.

Episodes and Movies

Episode names and movie pages should be named after their respective titles with "(Film)" being added to the end of movies page titles. If there are two episodes with the same title then the page title should have the show name appended to the end.


Events should not generally have the universe on which they took place added to the end of the title unless there are multiple versions of it, or similar events, throughout the multiverse in which case the universe should have the respective universe appended to the end.

Unknown Universe Designations

If a universe or character from a universe appears in an episode or movie but that universe remains undesignated then the wiki will create a number by which to designate it. This number will be in the format of "UE-X". The only exception to this is the DC Extended Universe which will have "(DCEU)" at the end due to it's popularity.

Unknown universe pages should have a {{Conjectural Universe}} tag at the top.

If a universe is later named in a subsequent episode or movie then that universe will be moved to the official designation and all UE numbers that came after it will be moved up one number.

Current Designations

UE Designations Descriptions Pre/Post-Crisis Status
UE-1 Home of Hells Wells Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-2 Home of Francophone Wells Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-3 Earth that almost destroyed Earth-19 Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-4 Volcanic Earth Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-5 Black Lightning (Pre-Crisis) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-6 Flashpoint Earth Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-7 Home of Crucifer Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-8 "Once Upon a Time" Post-Crisis Active
UE-9 Home of The Monitor (Mar Novu) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-10 Home of Sherloque's First Ex-Wife Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-11 Home of Sherloque's Second Ex-Wife Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-12 Home of Sherloque's Fourth Ex-Wife Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-13 Home of Sherloque's Fifth Ex-Wife Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-14 Home of Nash Wells Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-15 Home of Lex Luthor (Short Red Hair) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-16 Home of Lex Luthor (Blue Business Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-17 Home of Lex Luthor (Blue-Green Business Shirt) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-18 Home of Lex Luthor (Lexosuit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-19 Home of Lex Luthor (Golden Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-20 Home of Lex Luthor (Purple Jumpsuit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-21 Home of Lex Luthor (Bearded) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-22 Home of Lex Luthor (Prison Jumpsuit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-23 Home of Lex Luthor (Black T-Shirt) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-24 Home of Lex Luthor (Grey Business Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-25 Home of Lex Luthor (White Shirt) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-26 Home of Lex Luthor (Green Trench Coat) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-27 Home of Lex Luthor (Grey-Blue Business Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-28 Home of Lex Luthor (Abraham Lincoln Beard) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-29 Home of Lex Luthor (Medieval Age Outfit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-30 Home of Lex Luthor (Priest Outfit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-31 Home of Lex Luthor (Female) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-32 Home of Lex Luthor (Brown Business Casual) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-33 Home of Lex Luthor (Duffel Bag) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-34 Home of Superman (Black Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-35 Home of Superman (Young) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-36 Home of Superman (Collared Cape) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-37 Home of Superman (White and Blue Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-38 Home of Superman (Bearded Black Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-39 Home of Superman (Lion) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-40 Home of Superman (Black, White and Red Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-41 Home of Superman (Oversized Skull) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-42 Home of Superman (Superman Smashes the Clan) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-43 Home of Superman (Monkey) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-44 Home of Superman (African-American) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-45 Home of Superman (Bug-Like Alien) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-46 Home of Superman (Green Alien) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-47 Home of Superman (White Lower Part of the Suit) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-48 Home of Superman (Oversized) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-49 Home of Superman (Sleeveless) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-50 Home of Superman (Zombie) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-51 Home of Superman (Female) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-52 Home of Lex Luthor Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-53 Home of Beth Kane Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-54 Home of Brainiac 5 (Yellow Belt) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-55 Home of Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) (Female) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-56 Bottled Earth Pre-Crisis Stored in a bottle on Earth-Prime
UE-57 Home of Brainiac 5 (Eyepatch) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-58 Home of Toyman (Winn Schott) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-59 Neural Dissonance to Visitors Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-60 Home of Captain Luthor Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-61 Home of Harrison Orson Wells Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-62 "The Batman" Post-Crisis Active



All events must be cited in articles about characters, objects and locations and all character aliases should be cited on their page.

Every synopsis must also be cited unless they were not released with an official synopsis in which case you may write your own summary of the episode.

Unreleased TV shows, seasons and movies should have citations on who is in the cast and their release date.

Reputable Sources

Official news sources and press releases are considered to be reputable sources whereas other wikis and IMDB are not.


File Types

It is preferred that you upload PNG images due to them generally being of a higher quality although it is permitted to use JPG images so long as they do not breach the quality guidelines.


All images must be uploaded with a licensing template otherwise the wiki will refuse to publish it. You should choose whichever license best describes the image and file out the default file summary.


Image names should clearly state what universe and multiverse they are from as well as have a number starting at 001 on the end so as to keep track of how many images of a given subject there are. For example, Oliver Queen (Earth-1) (Original Multiverse) 001.png.


It is preferred that you use the highest quality image available when uploading. Images with a resolution lower than 720p should only be added where it is not possible to find it in a higher quality. It is also preferred that you use an image without a watermark if possible.

User Page Images

Users are generally allowed to upload any number of images for their user page unless it is deemed to be unnecessary by an administrator in which case they will be deleted. The image title must include your username and describe what the image is.

Default Upload Summary

{{File Summary
|Episode Name= 
|Comic Name= 


All TV shows, seasons, movies, comics, novels, video games and soundtracks should get their own page.

Characters, objects and locations should get a page if they are either named or are relevant in some way to the plot.


Speculation is not allowed on the wiki and all article names must be confirmed either in-universe or by an official source.

If a character, location or object is unnamed but has a know alias then that alias should be used for an article title. If the name or alias is currently unknown then the name used by the comics should be used. If neither is known then a description of the character can be used for the page title. For example, "Unnamed Construction Worker (Earth-Prime)".


Released Content

Movies should have a {{Spoiler}} tag added to their page for 2 months after release at which point it should be removed. This should also be done with the plot section of episode pages.

Upcoming Content

Pages for upcoming TV shows and movies are allowed on the wiki provided they are marked with a spoiler template and no plot details are added before they're released or during their broadcast.

No character, object or location pages should be added before a movie or episode has been released.

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