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DC Multiverse Wiki:Policies

Characters, objects, locations

Each named character or location deserves a page but it is required to add their respective universe in parentheses. If a character or location is from Earth-Prime use "Character Name (Earth-Prime)". If a character is from the original multiverse's Earth-1, use "Character Name (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)". If a character is from the new multiverse's Earth-2, use "Character Name (Earth-2: Post-Crisis)". If a character name, is not revealed but he was credited under a specific name, it is preferred to use the credit name instead of a conjecture title. If a character name is revealed in any form in an episode (said or written on an ID card for example) but was credited otherwise, it is preferred to use the name the episode gave us. However, if a character full name is revealed in an episode credit but not in the episode itself, it is preferred to use the full name given by the credit. We prefer using full name for page title.

However, there are some exception to this policy when it's to long or hard to type in the search bar (Barry Allen from Earth-1 for example will not be called Bartholomew Allen "(Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)". In that case he will be called "Barry Allen (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)". Barry Allen is currently the only exception. Other exceptions will be reviewed by admins on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, all words in the title must start with capital letters. For example, The Flash suits of Earth-1 will be named as The Flash Suits (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis). This will have an exception if the episode shows the name spelled with a lowercase letter.

Events and episodes

Due to episode often named after the event in the episode, several pages will have an identical name and it is required to identify the differences of the pages. If the episode's name is identical to the event, add an (Earth-?: ?-Crisis) tag after the name of the event page. However, as multiple events involves more than one universe in the Multiverse, if the event takes place on multiple universes, an (Event) tag will be used. Please bear in mind that an {{Other page}} template must be added if the identical name problems occurred.

Unknown Universe Designations

When a universe makes an appearance in an episode or that a character from an unknown Earth appears but the universe or that character's universe is not designated with a number, their Earth deserves a page. On this wiki, we use a number to categorize in which order those unknown Earth pages are created. For example, if an Oliver Queen from an unknown Earth appears in an episode, we have to name him: "Oliver Queen (UE-??)" (the "??" is the designation number of that Earth in the order the UE pages were created) with the link of his universe to "UE-??".

If an unknown Earth gets a designation

If somehow a character from an unknown earth reveals in later episode his earth's designation, we should move his Earth page to his correct designation. Then the following designation would take his designation number. For example: There is UE-16 and UE-17, if UE-16 got a designation, the content in UE-16 will be moved to the correct page and UE-17 will become the new UE-16.

Conjectural Universes

All unknown universe designations are conjectural. If an Earth has an unknown Earth designation, use the template {{Conjectural Universe}} to show it's a conjectural Universe. Which will produce the following: This universe doesn't have an official in-universe designation. The designation given was decided by the wiki.


Unknown Earth Designations

UE Designations Descriptions Pre/Post-Crisis Status
UE-1 Home of Hells Wells Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-2 Home of Harrison Wells (UE-2) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-3 Flaspoint Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-4 Black Lightning Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-5 Home of Crucifer Pre-Crisis Destroyed

"Once Upon a Time"

Post-Crisis Active
UE-7 Home of Mar Novu Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-8 Home of Renee Adler Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-9 Home of Renee Adler Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-10 Home of Renee Adler Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-11 Home of Renee Adler Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-12 Home of Nash Wells Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-13 Home of Beth Kane Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-14 Home of Barney Fife Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-15 Home of Querl Dox Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-16 Home of Brainiac 5 Pre-Crisis (formerly; stored in a bottle on Earth-Prime) Active
UE-17 Home of Brainiac 5 Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-18 Home of Brainiac 5 Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-19 Home of Toyman (Winn Schott) Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-20 Neural disorders among the entire earth Pre-Crisis Destroyed
UE-21 "The Batman" Appears Unknown Active
DCEU DC Extended Universe Unknown Active

Image Quality and File Types

When uploading or replacing any images, it is highly preferred that you upload PNG file types. However, JPG are also often allowed, so long as the image is a high quality image. Failure to upload a high quality image may result in your image being deleted.

Image Naming

The image name should be descriptive. It should clearly show in just the file name what the image is. For example, if the image is the first uploaded image of the original (Pre-Crisis) multiverse version of the Earth-1 Oliver Queen, than the file name should be Oliver Queen (Earth-1) (Original Multiverse) 001. If it were the second uploaded one, you would append 002 at the end of it. This increments for every image, and is done to make file names cleaner. If you made a mistake on the naming, please leave a message on moderators or admins for help.

Image Licensing

When uploading a file, the upload forum will not allow you to continue without selecting a licensing option. Please select the option that best describes the licensing of your image. If none suits your option, choose {{Fairuse}} and contact the admins to add a new one.

Images for pages

When uploading a file, it is preferred to be a screenshot from the series or movies. If there no screenshots available, a promotional image is allowed to be uploaded. However, the image must follow the policies.

Image size

The image quality must be at least 720p. However, a higher quality image is preferred. It is also preferred to have images without a watermark. For screenshots, the image must be screenshot directly from the episode without any alterations. For promotional images (poster are not included), please upload it without cropping any part of the image out.

Image Categorization

During the upload forum, the upload summary has a preset empty template. Fill out the applicable values for what describes your image, that will add the correct categorization automatically. If there are no applicable values there, then please blank the summary before uploading. When you upload a file, please fill out the default form provided. If the form is not enough, please add after the upload or add the category at the "other" section.

{{File Summary
|Character = 
|Character#2 = 
|Character#3 = 
|Character#4 = 
|Character#5 = 
|Object = 
|Location = 
|Team = 
|Organisation = 
|Cast = 
|Crew = 
|Movie = 
|Series = 
|Webseries = 
|Season = 
|Episode Name = 
|Comic Name = 
|Other = 

User Page Images

Any user is allowed any number of images for their user page, so long as they are not deemed unnecessary by the administrators. If they are deemed unnecessary then they will be deleted. The file name for user page images must include your full username, and be descriptive for what they are for. PNG or JPG high quality images are still preferred.

Assuming content

We don't assume anything every article name must be confirmed in-universe.

Unnamed characters

If a character is unnamed, but an alter ego or alias is known, use their alias. If neither an official name nor alias is known, but there is a comic name that is known, use the comic name. If an alias is known out-of-universe, it is preferred to use the alias. If no comic name, official name, or alias is known use an unnamed character with a description about the character.


Due to the unknown nature of the difference between the backgrounds of Earth-Prime characters, due to their being trillions of post-crisis alterations. from the original multiverse counterparts, we do not assume the name, and follow the unnamed characters policy above.


When naming a character based on alias, unnamed characters, or comic names, use the {{Conjectural}} template at the very top of the article. The content of the article should only contain confirmed in-universe content.

Upcoming content

For upcoming content (like television series and movies), add the {{Spoiler}}


For 2 months after any movie release add {{Spoilers|Content here}}.


No plot details should be added before an episode airs or during it is airing. After it airs all plots should have {{Spoilers|Content here}}.


No content that has not appeared in any episode should every be added. This includes characters, locations, and anything else/

Currently airing episodes

No content should be added until an episode is completely over.

When creating articles please cite your sources.


Cite which episode major events occurred in. You must also cite the source for every synopsis. There is only a few exception to synopsis citing. That includes older series and filmography at which official synopsis press releases are not found. In that case, you must write your own synopsis that in the fewest words possible, correctly describe the episode without any major spoilers or plot details.

Reputable Sources

Other wikis and IMDB is NOT reputable sources and will not be allowed in most circumstances. Official news sources or press releases, like The Futon Critic, Spoiler TV or CW Press reputable.


All aliases of a character must be cited in the episode when the aliases were created. The other sections of the page must also be cited. If the event appeared in more than 1 episode, you may cite it sentence by sentence.

Pretty straight-forward here: If anything is mentioned, it gets an article.

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