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    DC Multiverse Wiki:About

    The DC Multiverse Wiki is aiming to be the most comprehensive encyclopedia about the DC Multiverse, such as the Arrowverse.

    Information and the wikis past

    Our wiki was originally founded by TheDemon08 on January 16, 2020 as a wiki on the Fandom platform. However, on June 26, 2020, due to unforeseen circumstances, our wiki was closed on the Fandom platform, and we moved locations to this current wiki, via a database import.

    Domain history

    We were originally on the Fandom platform, under the domain, https://dc-multiverse.fandom.com. After our unfortunate departure from Fandom, we moved to another MediaWiki powered wikifarm, Miraheze, under the domain https://dcmultiverse.miraheze.org. (Note: We are still at this time powered by Miraheze, but under a custom domain instead.) Our current custom domain, at https://dc-multiverse.dcwikis.com is solely owned and managed by our wiki's staff.

    Technical Requests

    Due to the nature of Miraheze, we have much more possibilities in management of the technical aspects of our wiki. If you would like to request anything for this wiki please leave a message on the talk page of Universal Omega, please make sure to title your message appropriately.


    Due to the unfortunate closing of our wiki at Fandom, we ended up loosing a majority of our files. You can help by checking Special:WantedFiles, and upload new versions of some of those files. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the DC Multiverse Wiki

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