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    Batman: Classic TV Series

    For other uses of Batman, see Batman (Disambiguation).

    You are like the masked vigilantes in the Westerns, no?
    Certainly not! Batman and Robin are fully deputized agents of the law.

    Batman, re-branded as Batman: Classic TV Series in 2013, is a television series based on the DC Comics character, Batman.

    The series is developed by William Dozier, who served as showrunner. The first season premiered on January 12, 1966, and was followed by a television film. The second season premiered on September 7, 1966. The series eventually ended on a third season which premiered on September 14, 1967, and concluded on March 14, 1968, ending the series with 120 episodes.

    Batman: Classic TV Series was later retroactively established to take place on Earth-66 in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, which featured Burt Ward as Dick Grayson, reprising his role after nearly fifty years later.

    Synopsis[edit source]

    Two crime-fighting heroes defend Gotham City from a variety of arch villains.

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